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Article: Keshi pearls, give an original touch to your summer looks!

Perlas Keshi, ¡dale un toque original a tus looks veraniegos!

Keshi pearls, give an original touch to your summer looks!

Everyone knows that nothing accentuates a tan more than white pearls. However, at Secret & You we are not satisfied with offering what everyone else does.

Pulsera de perlas Keshi

The Keshi pearls are one of our favorites, as there are few more original gems. Unlike other cultured pearls, which are created by inserting a nucleus into an oyster or mussel and allowing it to coat it with its mother-of-pearl, Keshi pearls are created by chance, during cultivation.

You have to distinguish between two types. On the one hand, the Keshi saltwater pearls, which are produced when oysters expel the nucleus that has been inserted. Not having a core to encase, the oyster creates Keshi pearls. The second type is freshwater Keshi pearls, which are created by extracting the pearls from a mussel. fresh water and then returning it to the water. Once again, having no nucleus to cover, the mussel creates pearls Keshi.

Keshi are very original pearls, usually somewhat flattened, and of which at Secret & You we choose the best to create our designs.

Pulseras de perlas cultivadas

Be the envy of summer with our bracelets and keshi pearl earrings!

At Secret & You our goal is that you not only love what you buy, but also that you know exactly what you are buying. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to write to us at We will answer you in less than 24h.

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