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8.5-9.5 mm Round Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set

Sale price449.00€


If you are looking for a set of Round Cultured Pearl jewelry with great luster and color, this is the perfect choice . Round pearls are the rarest and most difficult to obtain, which is why they are the most valuable.

This three-piece set includes:

  • Round Pearl Choker Necklace 45 cm
  • Round Pearl Bracelet 18 cm
  • Round Pearl Earrings

You can choose between AA+ quality pearls, very good quality pearls with great luster and very slight blemishes, or AAA quality pearls, with superior luster and virtually imperceptible blemishes.

*In Secret & We use the A-AAA grading system and we are very demanding when it comes to grading our pearls. Please note graduation only for comparing Secret & You products.


  • ORIGIN: Round cultured freshwater pearls.
  • SHAPE: Round
  • BRIGHTNESS: Excellent. Brilliance is the most important quality of pearls.
  • COLOUR: White.
  • SURFACE: Very clean.
  • SIZE: 8.5-9.5mm


  • METAL: The jewels have very secure clasps, available in 18k Yellow and White Gold or if you prefer, 925 Sterling Silver. Our silver has a layer of rhodium, the material used in the white gold, this helps the silver to shine brighter and not turn black.
  • FINISH: Rhodium plating.
  • Our nuts are strong 6mm wide and the strong pin 0.9-1mm thick.

*SIf you choose a Gold or White Gold clasp, we need 5 working days to thread and put the clasp on the necklace and bracelet. If it is urgent, please call us.

*If you want the necklace or bracelet longer, please call for a quote.

SKU: Secret_ST3_2A1S_8595
Set collar pulsera pendientes Perlas Cultivadas Agua Dulce Redondas Secret & You
8.5-9.5 mm Round Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set Sale price449.00€

Ready for gift, with certificate of origin of the pearls

High quality cultured pearls

We offer the highest quality cultured pearls at competitive prices, sourced directly from global producers and individually vetted to ensure suitability.

pearl classification

To offer the best option to our customers, in some products we offer pearls of various qualities, for example AA+ or AAA, click here to learn more.


Pearls are the only gems that can be farmed . This process is so natural that it improves the environment in which it is produced and does not pollute. The entire industry is dedicated to protecting oceans, rivers and lakes.

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